Muma Doesa is a resident DJ every Thursday at Hugs & Kisses in Melbourne, playing female + Gnc Hip Hop, RnB, Trap + Grime. Muma plays Old Skool Hip Hop + RnB on the 90's tip.

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Artist: G*E*D Ft. Psycho Les (The Beatnuts) + Muma Doesa

The creators of Brooklyn Bollywood , New York City-based Music Collective, G*E*D collaborated with Psycho les of The Beatnuts on this Spanglish Hip Hop Classic, with a Bollywood twist, and invited Melbourne Mcee/Vocalist Muma Doesa to feature on the track, and release the official Remix in Australia.

Credits / Thank You :Lyrics by G*E*D, Psycho Les, Muma Doesa. Produced by DzILLA Daniel Dzilla Hernandez. Mixed and mastered by Eaz Da Engineer. Muma Doesa verse recorded by DJ Rellik at Turnstyle Records, Melbourne 

Muma Doesa (pronounced Mamma dough-sah) 
featured on The U.S. compilation Illest Female Rappers Vol. 18 , and Africas Got Talent (Australia) announces the full length Album "Ms Fortune" is now officially released.
 Ms Fortune is a homeage to the roots of Hip Hop with Soul and Reggae influence. The title track “Ms Fortune” tells honest stories of personal struggle and discovering her family history on her travels. The album features collaborations from Australia, New York and France’s Hip Hop/Soul underground. Ms Fortune was mostly recorded and mixed at Turnstyle Records with Turntablist/ Producer DJ Rellik, and partly recorded in New York with producer Siege The Beat Bully (Bronx) .
“MS Fortune” has been played on JJJ (Unearthed, Hip Hop Show, Lunch with Lewi), PBS on high rotation on RRR, and 3CR. 
Ms Fortune has also been played on U.S internet radio, She Radio, as well as appearing in U.S. Blogs, Illest female Rappers, and Esoteric Elegance.
The track "What The Guys Do" appeared in the Australian Independent film "Zoe Misplaced".

"I really appreciate Muma's ability to stay true to her time and place. The focus on brother and sisterhood and honest human experience is refreshing in the context of so much overproduced spam. It takes guts and conviction to put herself out there like that. Power to her." 

                                                                               -  Danielsan, Koolism